Key Programs

Citizens’ Participation in Monitoring of LGU Performance and Development Planning for Poverty Reduction (CML) Project

The CML Project is designed to contribute to the reduction of poverty in 24 poor municipalities (10 in Mindanao) by ensuring that people’s agenda are integrated in local development plans and local poverty reduction action plans.

Decentralized Governance and Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships for Regional Development (DG) Project

The Decentralized Governance Project aims to build stronger decentralized development initiatives that are responsive to the needs of local communities. It aims to establish the foundations for stronger federal-type regional governance.

Local CSO Strengthening and Social Enterprise Development

This start-up project aims to enable CSOs in seven areas to develop plans for constructive engagement in GPB process targeted at local economic and social enterprise development. It aims to draw out recommendations on local economic development and social enterprise programs