Declaration of Principles


God is Allah, Magbabaya, Christ Jesus, the Supreme Being, Creator and the Center of all development efforts.


The right to development is an inherent and a universal human right, which entitles every person, whether acting individually or with others, to contribute and enjoy economic, social, cultural, political and spiritual development. This right should be equitably shared by all regardless of gender, religion, age, ethnicity and class status.


The people are the primary force of development. It is their right and responsibility to actively participate in the process of total human development, relying primarily on their individual and collective efforts, resources and indigenous technologies in the achievement of their development goals while effectively utilizing all available knowledge, resources and expertise from other countries to their own advantage. Development should promote people empowerment and ensure people’s participation in decision-making. It must be integrated and holistic in approach and recognize both the material and non-material needs of individuals and communities.


Development should be based on equitable ownership of resources and access to opportunities by all sectors towards the attainment of social justice, equitable sharing of wealth and power, gender-equity, and lasting peace. It should enhance the full participation of men and women, the disadvantaged and the basic sectors, in the exercise of their rights to share in the benefits of development.


If nature is gone, life ceases. Development efforts should therefore ensure the harmonious relationship between people and nature. It should sustain the natural environment as a resource base without jeopardizing its use by future generations. Hence, technological efficiency must be compatible with the principles of nature.


Development work in Mindanao should recognize, respect and protect the diversity and promote the full worth of the Moro/Muslims, Lumad and Christian peoples and their cultures. Mindanao’s natural resources must be protected. With parity and equality with the rest of the nation, genuine development can become a reality.


The peoples of Mindanao have different cultures. The variety of cultural practices can enhance and strengthen each one only if there is respect for the culture of the other. Our cultural differences must be the source of our productivity and strength and not the bases of conflicts. It is therefore imperative for each one to understand the other.