Local CSO Strengthening and Social Enterprise Development

This start-up project aims to enable CSOs in seven areas to develop plans for constructive engagement in GPB process targeted at local economic and social enterprise development. It aims to draw out recommendations on local economic development and social enterprise programs.

Implementation Period: June to August 2014

Area/Locality of Implementation: Municipalities of Liloy, Godod and Salug in Zamboanga del Norte

Key accomplishments to date:

  • Deepened people’s organizations’ appreciation of value chain analysis which enables them to engage with government agencies and private sector representatives
  • Paradigm shift from the traditional thinking that farmers are merely producers into a more empowering thinking that farmers may be entrepreneurs themselves.
  • Strengthened solidarity among stakeholders. There is strong support from the Provincial Government through the Technology Livelihood Development Center (TLDC), Local Government Units (LGUs), coalition of people’s organizations members, other coconut farmers and other stakeholders in the locality. The following services are continuously being provided: production technologies, market and capital linkages, enterprise organizing, and other related interventions.