Vision, Mission and Goals

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MINCODE is a coalition of twelve (12) networks of NGOs based in Mindanao. It was organized in 1991 and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 1992.


MINCODE envisions a Mindanao society where its peoples live with equity and peace, respectful of cultural diversities, caring for its rich natural resources and in harmony with their Creator.


MINCODE is the largest coalition of united Mindanao-based civil society organizations that influences public policy, provides leadership in civil society and increases the effectiveness of social development work in Mindanao.


We commit ourselves to taking the lead in the advocacy and action for peace and multiculturalist development and other key issues affecting Mindanao by mobilizing network members and communities in partnership with other key development players.


  • Strong MINCODE member networks and other CSO formations working on the Coalition’s policy advocacies on peace and multiculturalism, poverty reduction, environmental protection and good governance at all levels
  • Peace and social equity promoted through increased awareness of Mindanao’s history and mutual understanding and respect among the multicultural peoples of Mindanao
  • Important social development issues integrated in local development plans (e.g., peace, sustainable development, poverty reduction, human rights, climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction and management)